How to make time for self care?

We know that self care is important, but you may be asking how to make time for self care?

We all feel like there’s not enough time to do anything extra, especially when it comes to self care. Everyday life is full of activities including work, taking care of your kids, spending time with family, doctors appointments, community activities, and more.

It may seem impossible to take care of yourself while keeping everyone clean and fed, keeping the house organized, staying on top of errands, and working a job, but there is a way to make time by making a schedule. Plus, self care doesn’t have to take a whole day or even hours. Just designating a few minutes where you take some time for yourself can be enough.

You can start adding self care to your calendar.

In my time management post I talk about how I plan my week out. If you don’t have a planner or calendar, check out that post to get my free printable. It is worth scheduling time for self care. Putting it on your calendar is the main way how to make time for it. Schedule out all the parts of your day and you may be surprised with the time you find.

Every day, or at the beginning of each week, sit down and find places in your calendar where you can add in some self care. If you can put those things in your calendar before things that aren’t a priority, you will be more likely to really do them. Schedule everything, even if it feels silly. This can include phone calls, a shower, or even a short nap. Once you have it scheduled try to stick to it and make it just as important as everything else you need to do.

If you are wondering how to make time for self care, scheduling it in is a great way to start.

Try to schedule self care as early in the day as possible.

One way to make extra time can be to set your alarm five minutes earlier in the morning. Then you can do some self care before everyone else wakes up. Drink a quiet cup of coffee while you catch up on some reading maybe. For me, once the day gets going it is easy to lose track of time and not get everything done so I try to do important things earlier in the day.

You would never overlook something on your calendar if it was for your family or work, so why do that to yourself?

You are just as important as anything else in your life. Your overall health affects everything that happens in your daily life. Neglecting self care can cause bad moods, higher stress, and impact your productivity at work.

Adding these activities to your calendar avoids the excuse of saying, “I’ll just do it later.” There is no pushing something under the rug when it’s on your calendar and the time is blocked out.

Make sure you schedule in enough time for each activity so you can fully enjoy it.

You don’t want to be rushing while you are trying to take a relaxing shower for example. This will turn something that is supposed to release stress into something that is stressful. If you only have a certain amount of time, choose your self care activities with that in mind.

As parents, it is hard to find time to ourselves. I try to block out ten minutes after my daughter goes down for her nap to do something for myself. Then, I feel re-energized for the housework and cooking I need to do while she is still napping.

It may seem hard or a little silly to schedule in self care at first, but over time it will feel natural.

The benefits of self care make scheduling it in worth it. To make it easier, you can make a self care kit. Check out Part Four of the Self Care Series to learn all about how to make a self care kit!

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