Welcome to my Preemie Resource Guide. This page is always under construction with new resources being added.

If you are here as a new parent of a preemie looking for resources, welcome and congratulations!

I know that this can be a challenging season of life. Support is so important for everyone really, but I feel its even more important for us as parents of preemies. Especially if we are going through a period of isolation. Did you know, moms of preemies have a higher risk of experiencing postpartum depression? This means we really need to take care of ourselves and connect and support each other.

Before my daughter was born, I had read books, blogs, and magazines all to prepare me for being a parent. None of this prepared me for being the parent of a preemie. I was scared during this time and rushing to learn more.

Thinking back on this inspired me to create this resource guide. I want to feature and connect other parents of preemies. There are some things we go through with our experiences that only other preemie parents understand.

Preemie Parent Blogs:

Due Dates Are Dumb – This is a newer blog by a mom of a 29 weeker. I love her writing, she really writes from the heart. She talks about NICU related topics as well as topics all parents can relate to, such as going back to work after maternity leave.

Preemie Mom Camp – A blog by a preemie mom full of information, tips, and stories for moms of preemies. From her site: “Preemie Mom Camp is a gathering place for preemie moms to discover tips, research and personal stories so they can find comfort and community while their child is in the NICU and beyond.” You can also find them on instagram @preemiemomcamp

An Early Start – This blog is a family’s story of their experiences with their micropreemie born at 23 weeks. This is a great blog with a lot of information covering a variety of topics.

Preemie Mom Tips – Another great blog with tons of information written by the mom of a 31 weeker. She writes on a variety of topics, both preemie oriented and general parenting topics.

Do you want to add your blog to this list? Just fill out the contact form below!

Online Resources:

March of Dimes – March of Dimes does research and works to support healthy moms and healthy babies. They have ways to get involved and many local events.

Graham’s Foundation – They created The MyPreemie App, which I love and still use to track my little one’s growth. From their site:

We created Graham’s Foundation to empower parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve outcomes for their preemies and themselves. We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the preemie journey alone.



They have NICU care packages, opportunities to connect with parent mentors, and they share preemie stories.

Hand to Hold – This is a great supportive resource. They have a NICU podcast, family forum, parent mentoring, bereavement support and more. This is a resource I wish I had found sooner.

Project Preemie – Offering support and resources for Preemie and NICU communities, including the families and medical teams. They are based out of Cleveland.

Preemie Parent Alliance – This is a group offering support to families of preemies and they have opportunities for parents to become leaders. They have a great list of resources available. They have a membership program that currently costs $25/year.


If you have something to add to this page, please send me an email at nicole@thismomlearns.com or connect through my contact page and let me know!

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