Not long ago, I had no real interest in fitness or exercise. I knew I was supposed to exercise, but I did not enjoy it at all. It was something I had to do, another chore really. Plus, since becoming a mom I felt like I had no time for exercise and had cancelled my gym membership. But then, I found a fitness program that changed all of that.  It is called MerryBody by the Merry Maker Sisters.

I first heard about the MerryMaker Sisters this past spring. My husband had heard them on a podcast and thought I would like their message, so I checked them out. They happened to be launching their MerryBody Program around this time, and I signed up. I am now totally hooked and am signed up for the third round that starts in September!

Who are the MerryMaker Sisters?

They are Emma and Carla Papas, real life sisters based out of Gold Coast Australia. Emma and Carla describe themselves on their website as “Bliss followers, health coaches and Yoga/Pilates instructors.”  The MerryMaker Sisters want to help others lead happy, healthy lives.

They have a podcast, #GetMerry, which I just love! It is one of my favorites and one of the few podcasts that I listed to regularly. If you check it out you will get a feeling for the vibe that the MerryMaker sisters have. Emma and Carla are always upbeat and positive which is so nice and just about living your best life.

What is MerryBody?

MerryBody is a four week online program consisting of yoga, Pilates, and mindset work. Each week you get one yoga and one Pilates class. I was nervous as a total beginner to yoga and pilates, but I was able to do it. There are modifications for all levels, and no shame in choosing an easier option or pressure to choose a more difficult one.

You get a workbook with activities to do each week including journaling and gratitude. Another part of the program is a weekly mindset audio recording on a specific topic that relates to the journaling prompt.

There is a private Facebook group that the sisters run. Emma and Carla are very active in the group and respond to everyone! If someone has a question, they will answer it and they have even made extra videos to explain specific questions. The Facebook group is actually really awesome. There are weekly check-in posts and everyone is really supportive. It is a fun and safe place to share.

Yoga is a part of MerryBody, and it is a big part of what I love about it.

What did I get out of MerryBody?

I got so much more than I expected to out of this program. First, without even thinking about my weight, I lost five pounds over those first four weeks. Also, I became more flexible and I noticed that my chronic neck pain significantly reduced. Now that I’ve completed my second round of MerryBody, my neck pain is pretty much gone.

I had higher energy, felt calmer, and I had a different perspective on food, exercise, and my body. Practicing gratitude can really be life changing and the mental shift has just been awesome. I have become more confident and have been inspired to work towards goals I have had for awhile. 

I feel like this program is great for parents especially. It’s all online, and you don’t need any extra equipment to do it. The workouts are about a half hour each, so not too long. I found the workouts to be challenging but also reasonable. I hadn’t really exercised much since having my daughter, and I felt like this was the perfect way for me to get back into it.

Want to try MerryBody?

The next round starts September 3rd! If you are interested in MerryBody, I am excited to have a special promo code to share! When you sign up using the code MerryNicole, you will get four bonus classes! This will include a morning/evening ritual, a triceps class, and a legs class. If you are curious what one of their workouts is like, there is a free full length yoga class available on their site, along with a series of free five minute workouts

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