When I think about Yoga I think  about flexible people in crazy poses that I could never do.  I have learned that Yoga is so much more than this!

I recently discovered The Merrymaker Sisters (check them out, they are amazing!!) and I participated in their MerryBody Program, which showed me that I can actually enjoy yoga!  I’ve tried it before and never liked it at all.  Since trying it again, I have learned a few things about yoga and I feel that yoga helps me be a better parent.  You have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others!  Here is what I have learned in my experience so far:

Yoga makes me calmer

I have found that practicing yoga has helped me to feel calmer.  Practicing my breathing and just being more aware seems to help with calmness and I’m seeing that throughout the day, especially when I find my patience wearing thin, which definitely helps me as a mom.

 Yoga has helped in reducing my pain

I’m very susceptible to neck pain thanks to an injury a few years ago, but since starting yoga I’ve noticed I haven’t been experiencing nearly as much pain as I had been before. This has been a huge benefit for me.  It is so hard to pick up and carry your child or even just sit and play when you are in pain.

You can do it anywhere

At a gym, in a class, at home, outside…basically wherever you can imagine.  This is so convenient as a parent.  When my little one is entertaining herself with her toys, I pull up a quick yoga video on my phone.  Even a five minute flow can feel amazing, perfect for busy parents. Taking these few minutes to take care of myself definitely helps me as a parent.

Anyone can do yoga

I always thought I couldn’t do it, but I just wasn’t doing the right things.  I think there is a yoga pose that will feel good for everyone!  What’s really cool is that my daughter has been copying poses.  I imagine it is great for her development and building her strength.  I also think there’s yoga that suits all levels, this has been helpful as I’ve been working on slowly getting more active after a difficult pregnancy.

Yoga is fun!

Seriously, it is fun when it is done right, especially when the whole family joins in! I so recommend trying it out.

A resource I have found helpful in learning more about yoga is Yoga Journal.  They have lots of information including descriptions of different poses with step by step directions, videos, and more.  One pose I’ve been practicing is Child’s Pose, also known as Balasana.  It is a restful, restorative pose and I really love the stretch that I get with it.  I am definitely a Yoga beginner, but I am loving learning about it.


Do you have a favorite Yoga pose or a Yoga resource? Comment Below!  If you’ve wanted to try Yoga and have thought you couldn’t do it I definitely recommend learning more about it because you may discover that it is something you can do!

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