I feel like being a parent means that you are always busy!  I would love to play with my little one all day, but there’s always things that need to be done like cooking and cleaning.

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I’ve always felt like I am an organized person, but then I became a working mom.  I’ve had to start doing things differently so that I can be productive and actually get things done and I wanted to share these time management tips with you!

Draft a Weekly Plan

I have been doing a weekly plan for a while now.  This is separate from my planner where I keep track of all appointments. (Here is the planner I use for appointments and activities, I love the big print as it gives extra space to write in your stuff!)  For my weekly plan, I used to start with just a blank piece of paper and I write down all plans for the week.  I write down what days I’m doing laundry, sweeping, or whatever housework that needs to be done.  I write down when I am going to exercise – yes accountability!  Also, I include what’s for dinner each night, any other tasks for the week, and any goals I have set.  Having things written down really helps me make sure the things that need to get done, actually get done. I designed a cute planning printable, because isn’t it more appealing with a cute form? I’m excited to share a copy with you, just sign up below!


Using the Cozi App

This app definitely helps me with time management. It is an app that the whole family can use. We put all appointments and activities on the calendar. The app will give you reminders depending on your settings. We also have a shopping list and a to do list on the app that we both add to so that nothing gets missed. I love that both parents can have access to everything. Cozi is the #1 family organizing app. They are offering a special now too: Create a free Cozi account and you’ll also get the 2018 Summer Planner Printables!

Meal Planning

This is just a must.  I usually get home at 6 pm and we are all hungry.  There is no time to figure out what we are going to eat!  On the weekends I plan out what we will be having for dinner and lunch.  I usually do my grocery shopping as soon as the store opens Sunday morning as the store is nice and quiet then.

Meal Prepping

Going along with planning, I prep as much as possible before my work week starts.  This week I had two meals entirely prepared by Monday morning.  I try to have it so that after work, we just have to heat things up.  Hungry toddlers don’t understand having to wait for their meal to be prepared. Having dinner ready as quickly as possible helps our nights run smoothly.

Pack Lunches the Night Before

As I am serving dinner, I like to set aside portions for lunch the next day. I always make dinners that have multiple servings.  Ideally, I like to get two dinners and two lunches from each meal I make.  Doing this at night saves me 5-10 minutes each morning.  I have to leave the house super early in the morning so any time I can save is huge!

Plan Outfits 

I lay out my daughter’s clothes for the week so that each morning I’m not digging through her drawers to find something for her to wear, especially helpful now that she likes to rearrange her drawers – I recently found a shirt of hers I had been looking for in my pajama drawer, she really likes to mix things up!  I should do this for myself, but for some reason I never remember.

Prioritize Your Time 

I work to prioritize my time.  My daughter goes to bed by 7:30 but sometimes as early as 7.  This means that on the days I work, we don’t get much time together before it’s bedtime. While she is awake I want to spend time with her.  If there’s something I want to do that she can be involved in, such as exercising, then I will do it while she is awake and let her be a part of it.  She loves doing yoga with me.  We  clean together, which she loves.  If I am dusting I will give her a paper towel, she loves to copy us and do her own cleaning. Once she goes to bed, then it’s time for me to focus on things I can’t do while she is awake.

Practice Saying No

It is okay to say no sometimes, and this is something I’m still working on doing without feeling guilty. It is impossible to do everything, so sometimes you have to say no. You don’t even need an excuse to say no to doing something, you can just say no!

I think a lot of these tips come down to being organized. It is easier, and often quicker, to get things done when you are organized.

Do you have any time management tips that aren’t included on this list? Leave it in the comments below!

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