What should you bring with you in your hospital bag when you are going to give birth? There are so many different lists out there for what you should include!

I feel like I have somewhat of a unique perspective on this though, since I didn’t actually get the opportunity to pack my hospital bag. Instead, once I was hospitalized on bed rest I had some essentials brought to me. I feel like this helped me see the things that I really needed.

Things you definitely need in your Hospital Bag:


An outfit for you to wear home

You’ll want to be sure you have a comfy outfit to wear home. Don’t bring an outfit in your pre-baby size, expect that it will take your body some time to get back to where it was.

I had read recommendations about bringing black sweats or leggings and not having something on your bottom that’s too clingy at that point in time. I followed that advice and was totally comfortable.

In the summer I could see a flowy dress being a nice option too if you like dresses.

If you are breastfeeding, then a nursing bra and nursing friendly shirt would be helpful to have as part of your outfit. I think the main takeaway here is bring something you will feel comfortable in.

Outfit for baby

This is probably another obvious item, but you’ll need to dress your baby to take him or her home. I suggest steering away from the cute gown outfits. One of my nurses pointed out that these types of outfits would make buckling into the car seat a little tricky and leave baby’s legs bare.

More Clothes!

You and your partner will want clothes to wear throughout your stay. You never know if you are going to have an extended stay, so it doesn’t hurt to pack a couple extra outfits.

Slippers or cozy socks

I feel like it’s nice to have something comfy on your feet while you’re in a hospital. Most hospitals give you their standard socks, they were too hot for me and I preferred my lightweight slippers.

Bottles if you are bottle feeding

I would say to bring the bottles you plan to use at home with you to the hospital. This let’s you be able to try them out while you’re at the hospital. Some babies do better with different bottles, there are tips that can help though and nurses and lactation counselors can usually help with this!


Check with your hospital but my hospital provided diapers for our stay. If you have a diaper preference, are planning on using cloth diapers, or if your hospital doesn’t provide them, then plan to bring your own.

Toothbrush and Toiletries

The hospital usually provides these, but for me I liked having my own. Especially where I was in the hospital longer than the typical stay, having these comforts from home were huge.

Chapstick and lotion should definitely be included. I also especially loved having facial cleansing wipes, they were so nice when I couldn’t yet shower but wanted to freshen up.

Hair Ties

Hair ties, headbands, whatever it is you like to use to keep your hair back definitely bring it and make sure to pack a couple extra. I had one hair elastic with me and when I lost it, I was going crazy with my hair annoying me. Thankfully, one of my sweet nurses gave me one of hers until my mom arrived with more.

Pajamas or a Robe

Personally, I love being comfortable and I feel like after giving birth you want to be cozy! I recommend something that is soft with lightweight fabric, and easy access if you’re breast feeding.


When you get to the hospital you don’t know how long you are going to be there, so you’ll want to bring your phone charger. If you have a nice camera you like, then I would  say to bring that too.

Check what your Hospital Provides

I had researched so many things and had a list on amazon of things I thought I needed to buy. My hospital really provided everything I needed though.

The infamous mesh undies, the super pads, ice packs, numbing spray, spray bottle, and the tucks pads were all things my hospital provided for me. Obviously they were all whatever brand the hospital purchases in bulk, so if you really want a certain brand then go ahead and bring your own.

It also doesn’t hurt to check with the hospital ahead of time to see what they provide and if there are any extra charges for using their items. If they don’t provide these items or charge extra, then I would suggest bringing them yourself.

Now go pack your Hospital Bag!

These are all the things I think you need in your hospital bag. I’m sure there are other things that might be nice to have, but I don’t think you really need much. Aside from your hospital bag, you’ll want to have your diaper bag and car seat. Obvious I know, but don’t forget to install it!

If you are figuring out what to pack in your hospital bag, congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you the best of luck! And just remember, if you forget to include something in your hospital bag it will be okay. Besides, I’m sure there is someone who wouldn’t mind bringing you whatever it is you realized you need.

Are there any other items that I missed or you feel like are must haves? Leave them in the comments below!


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