We have talked all about self care in these past few posts, from what it is to how to get started. Creating a self care kit will help make really doing self care easier.

What is a Self Care Kit?

A self care kit is a personalized box of fun things to use to pamper yourself. When you are feeling sad, stressed, or anytime you just feel like it, you can pull this kit out and enjoy. Your self care kit will help you relax and take some time for yourself without going anywhere.

Making a kit can be just as rewarding as using one.

This can be a fun activity to do with friends and family or even just by yourself to unwind. The first thing that needs to be done when creating your kit is finding a nice box or basket to put things in. You could pick a plain cardboard box and decorate the outside if you want to, you could find a cute storage box or basket, or you could use a storage container.  You could even use a pretty tea tin like the one pictured below to hold a small self care kit. This can be super creative or just simple, it is all up to you!

Tea is part of my self care kit. You could even use a pretty tea tin to hold a mini self care kit. Keep reading for more ideas on making your own self care kit.

Now it’s time to figure out what items to put in your self care survival kit.

Essentially you want to fill it with anything that makes you feel good, brings a smile to your face, or relaxes you. A good way to help you get started is by using all five senses as you fill your kit.

Let’s look at a few ideas.
  • Sight – Photos of loved ones, a favorite book or magazine, a list of affirmations, postcards from friends and family, or adult coloring books.
  • Smell — Scented candles, incense, or essential oils.
  • Hearing – A favorite CD, an audio book, or a list of your favorite videos on YouTube.
  • Touch — Anything that you can feel and want to touch. Avoid textures that make you uncomfortable. Face masks, foot scrubs, calming lotions, stress ball or extra paper or a journal to write poems or thoughts. Silly putty and kinetic sand are other great stress relieving toys.
  • Taste — Something with a pleasant taste that helps you feel calm. Gum, flavored lip balm, mints and tea bags are all good options.


Add as many items in each category as you like.

If there are certain categories you don’t care for feel free to avoid it. Maybe you want complete quiet when doing these activities so you might add in some ear plugs instead of music. You want to feel excited when you open this box so make it worth it.

Creating a Self Care kit doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.

I recommend looking at things you already have that bring you joy that you may want to include. Target has their dollar bins and they always have sample size products in the cosmetics section with things like facials. You could also go to the dollar store and see what’s available there that you would enjoy. I am currently working on making my own self care kit. I have a facial mask, a coloring book, and a beach scented candle so far.

Keep your kit somewhere you can see it every day and easily get to.

Don’t hide it away, but store it somewhere it will be safe from curious, little fingers. Your self care kit is a way to remind yourself that you need time for you. The more you see it the more you will remember that you are just as important as everything else going on in your day.

I think that remembering you are important is a big reason why self care matters for us as parents, and having a self care kit can be really helpful.

What would you include in your self care kit? Comment below and let me know!

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