Our newborn period was tough and when I think about it I sometimes wonder how we have made it to where we are today! I don’t think I could have survived motherhood so far without the baby gear below. I think any mom would love these items, but they were especially helpful for me as a preemie mom.  When we brought our daughter home she was only four pounds, so she was really small!  It was challenging at times to find things that were the right size for her.

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My Top Ten Baby Gear Must Haves

Rock n Play 

This is definitely my number one baby gear must have!  I don’t know if we would have survived the first few months without our Rock n Play.  My little one struggled with reflux and since she was too little for any bouncy seats this was the only safe place we could put her down and she would be comfortable.  We loved the auto rock feature at nap time.  We actually ended up having two of these and had one on each floor of our house!

Goumikids Booties

These little booties were the only ones that would stay on her feet! Her feet were so small that everything else just fell right off.  The velcro closures were great and she could wear them even when they were a little big. They are made with organic material and are very easy to just throw in the wash to clean.  We got a pair of these at my baby shower and bought more as she grew.

Baby carrier

I have two favorites.  The k’tan wrap was my favorite when my girl was extra teeny.  We had to wait to get the okay from her pediatrician, as that’s what we were told to do with her being a preemie, but once we could use it we both loved it.  It was easy to use and super comfy.  She would always nap in it and I could get things done.  One thing to note is that the sizing is specific to the person using it.  I originally got a large and returned it for a medium, which is what their sizing recommended to me in the first place. 

Now that she is bigger we use the Boba 4G.  Again it is easy to use and comfortable.  You can wear in on the front with baby facing in or on your back.  It has some handy storage pockets and I love that it has little stirrups for their feet as they get bigger.  it also has a hood that protects from the sun and can offer extra head support.  It also has a newborn pillow that snaps in and out so you can easily use it for all stages.  This one is easy to adjust, so even if both parents are very different sizes they can still use the same one. I bring my Boba with me everywhere!


Milk Snob infant car seat cover

This helped keep dirty fingers away, blocked the sun in the car, and was a nursing/pumping cover!  I love these new Disney prints that they have, so cute! Definitely a baby gear must have for anyone!

Chicco Keyfit Infant Carseat

This one starts at 4 lbs, which is what we needed.  It was easy to take apart and clean too when the inevitable messes happen!  I initially just wanted a convertible carseat, but the one we had started at 5 lbs, so we got this too.  It was handy when the baby would fall asleep in the car and we could have an easy transition into the house.  We live on the second floor, and when she was so small it could be scary carrying her around!  This was also easy for going out in public and using the car seat cover to keep her hidden away.

Convertible Infant tub

I love the convertible feature.  The baby hammock was so nice to have during the newborn stage, and then you can use it for all different stages.  I loved the support it gave when she was teeny tiny.  We only recently stopped using ours and transitioned to the big tub.

Earth’s Best diapers 

Diapers are obviously a baby gear must have. These are my favorite diapers.  My little one has super sensitive skin and would break out with the more common brands of diapers.  I found these to be reasonably priced and they fit well to prevent leaks where other diapers we tried were just too big around her skinny little legs.  They also are chlorine free and fragrance free.

Diaper Dude Bag

I only went through about five different diaper bags before finding this!  I find it is the most organized and has space for everything I need.  It was hard to find a diaper bag that would work when I was exclusively pumping and bottle feeding, but this had room for everything.  I got it in black, but they have a few different options available.

Spectra Pump 

As an exclusively pumping mama, this was an essential.  I used three different pumps before landing on this one.  For me it compared to the hospital grade rental but had added benefits of being portable and rechargable battery.

Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Stroller 

I love this stroller.  I wanted a stroller with a bassinet option that didn’t break the bank! When she was too teeny for the bassinet, it was very handy with the car seat (purchased separately) that could just click in.  It reclines easily for naps on the go, and the seat can face in or out.  All features that were must haves for me.  It can also be used for jogging, but I don’t really do that.  I do love how the large tires handle uneven terrain like on trail walks.

(Bonus) Amazon Prime

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial– Amazon prime has been a huge saver for us.  With the family account we get 20% off diapers which is amazing!  Also, shipping is free and so quick.  It is so much easier shopping online than packing up a baby and getting out of the house, especially when we were in isolation!  This link offers a 30 day free trial 🙂


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I love all the items in this list! Great for preemies, but all babies too. There's so much baby gear out there, it can be hard to figure out what you actually need! . . #mothersday #momlife #preemiemom #babygear #preemiebabies

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