How cute is that little guy in the tub? His scalp looks good from here, but my little one had awful cradle cap! I affectionately referred to it as cradle crap. Her’s was quite persistent, but I found a fix! Something I like to call my secret weapon.

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What is Cradle Cap?

First, let’s start with what this thing is. Cradle cap is kind of like baby dandruff. It is a skin condition that affects babies. It is a build up of oily secretions which has turned into scaly areas on top of the head, though cradle cap can also show up in other areas.

Why do babies get Cradle Cap?

One thing I used to think about cradle cap is that it was because of uncleanliness. This is not true! Like I said earlier, its really just a build up of normal secretions from glands that everyone has. You don’t need to bathe your baby more if they have cradle cap. It is super common, and not contagious.

What is the treatment?

If you think your baby has cradle cap, check with your pediatrician just to be sure. Your pediatrician will most likely give you recommendations on how you should treat it. I had a special comb just for cradle cap. Her pediatrician to me to use this whenever she had a bath.

I tried putting oil on my daughter’s scalp before her bath and letting it absorb before shampooing it out and using the brush while she was still in the bath. This would help and the cradle cap would go away for a little while, but all of a sudden it would be back and awful again!

What is my Secret Weapon?

My secret weapon is this Mustela Foaming Shampoo for Newborns. One day I was really frustrated with my daughter still having cradle cap – she was already over a year so I thought she would have outgrown it.

I remembered a mom friend of mine mentioning a shampoo another mom friend of hears swore by, so I called her to get the info. Her baby had never had any cradle cap! I got on amazon and ordered it right away!

My Secret Weapon for Cradle Cap

This may sound too good to be true, but I noticed a difference after the first time using it. Within a couple of weeks her cradle cap was totally gone, and it has not returned! The shampoo smells good too and it is even tear-free, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. These are all qualities that are really important to me in a baby shampoo.

If you are dealing with cradle cap, talk to your pediatrician and see if Mustela Foaming Shampoo for Newborns is right for you!