Thinking about where to begin with your baby registry?

Starting your baby registry, especially as a first time mom can be very overwhelming! Everyone will have different ideas for your baby registry, and everyone has different lifestyles, beliefs, and needs when it comes to their babies.

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It doesn’t help that there’s just so much stuff! Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that we have all these options, but I remember feeling like my head was going to explode trying to pick the right car seat!

Starting your baby registry can be overwhelming. Here, you can check out my registry must haves and get a better idea of what you really need!

Where should you register?

When I registered, I had two different registries. One was on Amazon and the other was at Babies R Us, which is sadly no more.  That was totally my favorite store and I still can’t believe they are closed, however there are a bunch of other really good options.

I would definitely pick Amazon again in an instant for my registry! One fun perk with their registry is that if you are a Prime Member (this link gives you a free 30 day trial!) you can get a free welcome box.

You just have to join prime, make a $10 purchase from your registry, and complete your registry checklist and Amazon will send you a fun little box.

The box includes a sampling of products for baby and parents too, and can include sample and full size products. How cool! Click here to see what has been included in previous welcome boxes.

Another cool benefit Amazon offers is that they have a universal registry. This means that you can add products from any other website to your registry and they all end up on one list. Much easier than having ten different registries if you want real specific products that only certain stores carry. They also offer a completion discount, which is always a great feature.

As you can tell, I highly recommend registering on Amazon. I would also pick one other store, as I know some people don’t like shopping online and prefer to go to a store and see what they are buying before purchasing. Target and Buy Buy Baby seem to be popular as well, and I feel like the Target baby section keeps getting better!

Okay, so what should be on my baby registry?

Let’s start with the basic must-haves.

I believe that newborns don’t really need much. They need a safe place to sleep, a way to be fed, diapers and wipes, clothes, and a safe way to get around such as a car seat, stroller, or carrier.

However, there is a ton of baby stuff out there and if you are having a shower people like to have a few more options.

Here is my ultimate baby registry list!


Crib – Baby needs a place to sleep of course! I chose a convertible crib, one that changes to a toddler bed and then a full size bed. You typically have to buy extra kits for each stage, and it was recommended to me to get them when you get your crib just in case they discontinue your crib by the time you need to convert it.

Bassinet – I like having a bassinet for when baby is little and eating a lot at night. It is nice to have baby close by.

Glider – I did not get a glider, but I wish I did for those late night feedings because you definitely want to be comfortable.

Dresser – This is of course optional, but a dresser was a necessity for us since our nursery doesn’t have a closet. I got the one that matches our crib, so our baby has a matching bedroom set.

Changing table – Another optional item. I like having a changing table, but honestly I’ve only used it for diaper changes a handful of times. I got matching baskets and use it for extra storage.


Crib mattress- I love the mattress we picked as it is double sided. One side is for babies and the other side is for toddlers.

Sheets- You’ll want at least one extra crib sheet. You never know when you’ll have to be changing sheets and you won’t want to be doing laundry in the middle of the night.

Waterproof mattress protector – Layer this under the crib sheet to obviously protect the mattress for any wet accidents that can happen.

Night light – I like having a night light so I can peek in and check on my daughter. We really like this turtle one.

White noise machine – This is handy to block out any noises that could potentially disrupt your child’s sleep. Living in a condo with shared walls, this is a must have for us.

Swaddles – My daughter loved being swaddled! I was good at swaddling with blankets, but I felt better using sleep sacks at night.


Stroller – I’m a slight stroller addict and have had three different strollers so far. At first I had a jogging stroller and a basic umbrella stroller. I don’t jog and the umbrella stroller was getting a little flimsy so I settled for something in the middle. Definitely practice folding and unfolding the stroller before putting one on your registry. I did not do this with my jogging stroller and didn’t realize how difficult it was!

Car seat – Some people will choose an infant travel system, which is an infant style car seat that clicks into a stroller. The car seat and stroller often come together as a pair. If you register for an infant car seat, I still recommend registering for a convertible one as well as you will be needing one.

Baby carriers – I just love these. I have a post where I talk about some of the benefits of babywearing and also why I love my Boba 4G. I also love the Baby K’tan. The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is a wrap without any wrapping. Sized like clothing, it easily slips on like a t-shirt for multiple carrying positions. LEARN MORE!

Pack n Play – These are great to have for so many reasons. We use ours as a crib when visiting family. When my daughter was younger, I used it as a safe play area for her while I was cooking.

Portable high chair – We love the Chicco caddy hook-on high chair for when we are out and about. I got it after going to restaurants that didn’t have high hairs. It is also great for camping.


Bottles – We used Dr. Brown’s bottles. Our baby liked them and did well with them, we didn’t totally love all of the parts you have to clean and put together. We dealt with it since she did so well though.

Assorted levels of nipples- You never know when baby will be ready for the next flow nipple. I did not get an assortment, and then found myself rushing to get new ones when she was frustrated with her current level.

Bibs- Thinking ahead for all ages, I would get both soft fabric ones and the plastic ones with a catch all pocket.

Burp cloths -I used the Gerber prefold cloth diapers as burp cloths, a tip I got from another mom, and I loved them. We actually still have them and use them as rags for cleaning.

Breast pump – I loved my Spectra, but I also used a Medela I got through health insurance for on the go.

Nursing pads – I used reusable nursing pads. I liked this better than having to worry about buying new ones.

Nursing cover- I loved my Milkmaid car seat cover as a nursing cover.

Toddler feeding items – Go ahead and register for spoons, forks, sippy cups, plates and bowls. You’ll need these things anyway so no harm in putting it on your registry.

High Chair – We got this fancy Graco 6 in 1 high chair seating system. It converts from an infant high chair, to a booster seat, and can actually be used to seat both a baby and a toddler. You don’t need one this fancy, a basic high chair will do the trick.


Diapers – Clearly the number one thing in this category. I did tons of research on diapers and the ingredients. My daughter also has super sensitive skin so these Earth Best Diapers have been our favorite.

Changing pad – We have a nice cushy changing pad that belongs on a changing table, but we have it on the floor in our living room. It’s much more convenient for us this way!

Diaper Changing Caddy – We use this one by Munchkin. I just find it handy to have everything organized in one place, and it is portable so easy to take room to room if you need.

Diaper cream – Always good to have extra on hand in case of diaper rash.

Wipes – The Seventh Generation wipes are my go to. I love that they are gentle enough to use on face and hands as well. We buy them in bulk!


Baby bath – I liked having a convertible bathtub. We could use it from newborn until she was sitting independently.

Bath towels and wash cloths – Go for softness since baby’s skin is so delicate.

Grooming kit – It is nice to have basics like a comb, cradle cap brush, nail clippers or nail files. We had this Safety 1st kit. I like that this one comes with other things that are important to have with a newborn, like a nose suction bulb and a thermometer. 


Babies go through A LOT of clothes! Many babies will go through sizes quickly, my baby as a preemie did not. Since it can be hard to predict what size your baby is in, for stockpiling, I recommend sticking with basics like short sleeves that layers can be added to as needed. Onesies, pants, socks, and pajamas are always good to have on hand. For pajamas, I think zipper jammies are the best. Doing up a bunch of snaps on a crying newborn in the middle of the night taught me to never buy another outfit full of snaps again.

For more of my baby must-haves you can check out this post abut my favorite baby gear items.

What did you register for? Leave a comment below and let me know what I’ve missed!

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