Today I wanted to share about our sweet puggle Maggie.  We have had Maggie for about 2.5 years and she is about ten years old now.  After growing up with dogs, I knew I wanted a dog.  One day, we decided to drive around to the local animal shelters, and that is when we saw Maggie.

She was just sitting in her little gated area staring at everyone that went by.  Her sign said she was 8 years old, a calm girl, and good with others including dogs and kids.  That was exactly what we were looking for!  With our work schedules we had decided a puppy was not a good fit and we also wanted a smaller dog to fit best in our living space.

Maggie was perfect.  She had some dental issues, and had an under bite with a bunch of teeth sticking out, but I thought she was the cutest thing!  We took her for a walk and decided this was it.  We found out she was in the shelter because her owner had passed away. We put in our application to adopt her and we got to take her home the end of that week!

Maggie cried the whole car ride home and I was worried about what we were getting into. However, that all changed once we got home. She was so excited to be in a house and out of the shelter. She started running around and checking everything out and snuggling up with her new blankets.

My favorite memory was when it was time to go to bed that first night. We weren’t sure where she would sleep and we had a nice dog bed on the floor of our room along with an assortment of blankets. As soon as she saw our bed she jumped up, got under the covers, and didn’t move all night! She was so happy to see a bed. She’s never been able to jump up to our bed since then, I think she was just so excited to see something familiar and comforting.

How cute is that face?!?  We spoiled Maggie and got her the most comfortable doggy bed we could find, seriously we put each bed out on the ground and felt them to make sure they were nice and cozy.  We had to spoil her up with a collection of toys, special treats, and a matching collar and leash.

While exploring different pet product, I came across a company called Geopetric.  They make eco-friendly, vegan pet products, all made in America with fair-wages, and they donate 10% of profits to Animal Rescues!!  Seriously all great points for any animal lover.  I went ahead and ordered Maggie the Play Day cooling bandana.  It is silky soft and adorable.  What makes it special is that when you wet it, it helps keep your dog cool.  As the temperatures have been warming up here, Maggie has been struggling on our walks.  I’m excited to be an affiliate with the company, and when you use the promo code THISMOMLEARNS20 you get 20% off of ANY order!!

Since Maggie has joined our family we have taken her on many adventures. She’s such an easy and happy girl. She’s adjusted to her human sister so smoothly. It’s the best feeling knowing we got this older dog and that she is living out her life in a happy home being treated well.

When we were at the animal shelter, most of the families were looking at younger dogs.  Maggie’s teeth weren’t exactly attractive at the time, though they made her irresistible to me.  I just couldn’t leave her to live out her life at the shelter.  She easily transitioned to our home, though I know this isn’t the case with all rescue dogs, I can’t imagine doing this any differently. We can tell Maggie is happy and loves her new home.  Pets really give their families unconditional love.  There’s so many animals out there that need a home. If you’re considering adding a pet to your family I highly recommend checking out your local animal shelter! #adoptdontshop