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I love babywearing and I love my Boba 4G.  I did a lot of research when picking the carrier that I was going to use. As a first time mom, I wanted a soft structured carrier, as I was a little nervous about babywearing.  I know now I didn’t need to be nervous!

8 reasons why I love my Boba

Just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post. I was writing this post and figured I would check to see if Boba had an affiliate program, which they do 🙂


Weight Capacity

The Boba 4G can be used with babies weighing 7-45 pounds!   It comes with an infant insert that just snaps in for the little ones. The insert is super easy to use. The newborn hold with the insert is for  7-15 pounds, front carry is 15-30 pounds, and the back carry is for 20-45 pounds. It took my daughter awhile to get to 7 lbs, but now she’s 21 months and just over 21 lbs so we are going to be able to use ours for quite a bit longer!

Ergonomic Carry Positions

This carrier has two positions, forward facing inward and back carry. I wasn’t interested in a carrier with a forward facing out position for a couple of reasons.

One being that I know it can get overstimulating for little ones to be facing out for too long.  Also when facing forward, it’s obviously easier for baby to grab on to things and get into things they aren’t supposed to.  Finally, I prefer facing in because it helps avoid strangers touching my baby, surprisingly to me though it still has happened!

I know some people think your baby can’t see enough if they are facing forward.  In my experience my daughter has been able to turn her head to see, and if there’s something I want to show her I position myself to the side of it so that she can easily turn her head and get a full view.  She can also turn her head away when she no longer wants to see something.  She will also snuggle in and nap in this position which is so nice!

Wide Base of Support

Ideally, baby carriers will have babies positioned so that their legs are in an ‘m’ position, and will have a wide base of support stretching from knee to knee.  The Boba 4G covers all of these in both of the carry positions.


The 4G even includes footstraps! These can be added on as baby gets bigger to help keep baby in an ideal position.  My daughter loves having her feet in the footstraps!

Easy to Adjust

The carrier is fully adjustable, so both parents can use it. You just have to pull the straps until everything is cozy and snug, so easy!

Handy Accessories/Features

It has a snap on sleeping hood to offer extra head support when needed.  I also use it to provide extra shade when it is sunny out. There are a few different pockets for parents to put their things and there’s a snap on the shoulder strap to help if you are carrying a purse or a bag.  It also has adjustable shoulder straps to provide extra room and allow for nursing.

Cute Colors and Patterns

I got it in the dusk color which is a nice neutral gray color. There are other fun colors available, but my husband liked this one the best.


The Boba 4G is super comfortable to wear. I can wear it for an hour plus without my back hurting.

I think my daughter finds it to be comfortable as well because she will usually fall asleep if she is hanging out in it. We have gone hiking with it, I’ve used it when traveling, shopping…basically anywhere we’ve gone!

This is my go to carrier. I haven’t tried other popular brands, but I’ve been so satisfied with my Boba that I haven’t had any reason to. Boba also offers wraps in a variety of prints, if you prefer to use a wrap, with adorable limited edition prints available.  They also have a 24 month warranty, how awesome is that?!


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