Father’s Day is coming up so soon! I believe in appreciating the people in our lives every day, but why not celebrate them extra on these special days. Many dads will say they don’t need or want anything.

So what do you get them? I wanted to share a few ideas that I have given to the dads in my life. Check out below for 5 simple and affordable Father’s Day gift ideas!

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Beer of the Month Club

This Craft Beer Club is something I got my dad one year. They mail out different assortments of craft beers. There’s a bunch of different options for how many beers, and how often you want to get deliveries. This can be a fun unique idea for a beer lover. This is the priciest gift on this list, but it is a fun option. Also, I’m not an affiliate I just think this is a cool gift!


If your kids are little, you could have them create an art project for their dad. A quick search on Pinterest for Father’s Day art project brings up lots of ideas. I’m always a fan of doing something with the little one’s footprints.

Framed Photos

I love framed photos! I feel like today, we take so many pictures but it’s kind of rare that we actually print them out. Printing out a photo of Dad with his kids and putting it in a nice frame makes a simple gift. There’s so many different picture frames too you can get creative with that. I also love photos I’ve seen of kids holding letters spelling out dad.
I am thinking about getting this frame for my husband this year.

Dad T-Shirt

I love this Best Dad Ever shirt available on Amazon. They have all different Best Ever shirts available too, I got the cousin ones for my nieces when my daughter was born. If you have Amazon prime, the free two day shipping makes this great if you need something fast!

Coffee Travel Mug

Most parents can use a good coffee (or tea or cocoa) travel mug. I got my husband this mug two years ago and he still uses it every day.


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